Build The Estate And Succession Plan You Want And Need For Your Family.

Many of our clients are entrepreneurs with family businesses; men and women who own both large and small enterprises. Yet the same people who spend years building something for their futureand for their children and grandchildrenoften don’t spend nearly enough time thinking about preserving the fruits of a lifetime of effort.

Our private client and estate planning lawyers focus on the special succession and estate planning needs of successful business owners, including the unique situations facing accomplished professional practitioners.

It’s our business to stay up to date on ever-evolving estate and trust laws and tax and business succession planning requirements. Our group works closely with you to help you achieve your objectives. We draw on Sotos lawyers who are experienced in related areas including real estate and corporate law to ensure that your plan not only works the way you want, but stays current if your situation or the law changes.

As a result, we know what you need to do so that

  • your succession plan eases the transfer of a family business from one generation to the next, achieving a successful transition while maintaining family harmony
  • buy-sell agreements are taken into account if you have partners or other shareholders
  • your customized plan achieves your wealth distribution objectives while minimizing tax consequences to succeeding generations
  • you take advantage of a tailored estate freeze and income-splitting arrangement
  • you have workable advice to reduce probate taxes
  • life insurance is used appropriately as an estate planning tool
  • your Trustee is helped in administering your estate and trust, enabling them meet their fiduciary responsibilities
  • your philanthropic and charitable goals are met, including using private charitable foundations

After spending years building a successful business, as a savvy entrepreneur you know how important it is to create a customised estate plan based on what you want and your family needs.


Private Client