Sotos LLP represents a significant number of companies, especially in the franchise sector, that expanded into Canada from their base in the United States, England and the EU, or other foreign countries.

The reason is simple: Our deep experience and widely-recognized expertise in franchising enables us to ensure that your business model meets the unique requirements of Canadian franchise law. As just one example, not only are there crucial differences between franchising in the US and Canada, the law can vary widely between provinces. The situation is even more complex for companies coming here from Europe, India, South America, Asia or Australia.

Keeping American and other foreign companies from inadvertently making what could be costly mistakes in Canada requires the kind of special knowledge that only comes from working with franchising companies across four decades.

After we’ve listened carefully to you so we understand your business model and objectives, we work with you to

And once you are established here, we keep working with you to provide the day-to-day assistance every business needs from lawyers who understand their client’s goals as well as they know the law.

When you are ready to explore the Canadian market – whether it is from Ontario east through Quebec to the Maritimes or west from Toronto across the Prairies to the Pacific – we will help you develop and grow your operation in the Great White North, keeping an eye on any emerging legal issues so you can stay focused on your business issues.


Thinking of Expanding to Canada?