September 7, 2021

Liisa Kaarid has joined the firm

Sotos LLP is pleased to welcome Liisa Kaarid as a partner to the firm.

Liisa is a seasoned lawyer, having practised commercial law for over 30 years. She has earned a strong reputation for her expertise in franchising, licensing and distribution law, especially in the grocery sector. Liisa started her career at Sotos LLP. Subsequently, she developed international experience and honed her skills at a major full-service law firm, followed by her long-term position as Vice President of Legal Affairs for Canada’s largest grocery and pharmacy retailer. Liisa has now returned to where her franchising practice began, re-joining Sotos LLP as a partner.

Throughout her career, Liisa has worked closely with business leaders to deliver impactful, practical guidance in all phases of franchise development. From structuring new systems to implementing changes in evolving systems and navigating conflicts, Liisa has provided sound guidance to assist her clients reach optimal results.  With extensive experience in grocery retailing, distribution and manufacturing, Liisa is a leading expert in all aspects of the grocery sector including operations, regulatory compliance, corporate social responsibility and business transactions spanning multiple banners and business sectors. Liisa brings her longstanding acumen as trusted corporate counsel back to private practice, to impart her invaluable experience to our firm’s clients.

Having worked with Liisa both as her mentor as well as a supplier of legal services when she worked in house, she was a delight to work with.  She was unfailingly personable, practical, and insightful. I know that many of her old clients missed her when she left us and will be delighted to work with her again.  I certainly will!” John Sotos, Founding Partner

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