Our Franchising Principles

Our view of what makes good franchising is unique among firms serving the franchising community. Founding partner John Sotos has been a pioneer in this area and his beliefs underlie our values and the way the firm practices today.

The franchise relationship is, at its root, a legal relationship governed by contracts. We believe that lawyers have a role to play, and a responsibility to bear, in how a franchise system is developed and how it responds in times of stress as well as success. We encourage franchisors to consider franchisee relations whenever enforcing discretionary rights or making system changes for the long term benefit of the system.

We have been strong advocates of reciprocal franchise fairness legislation in Canada and have been instrumental in the introduction of franchising laws in Canada and in the preparation of model laws through the Uniform Law Conference of Canada. We have also played a key role in many precedent-setting cases. We provide counsel to governments, business institutions and trade associations on processes to ensure that franchising remains a secure and prosperous business vehicle.