Our Franchising Expertise

As Canada’s premier franchise law firm, we are dedicated to helping companies and entrepreneurs develop, grow and protect their businesses. We work with a wide range of Canadian franchisors on everything from franchise agreements to licensing, distribution, trademarks, employment issues, real estate – in fact, all commercial activity. Catering to Canadian and international clients from start-ups to established systems, we assist both international franchisors wishing to expand into Canada (and their counsel) and Canadian franchisors wishing to expand abroad.

We also assist both franchisors and franchisees to establish franchisee associations across many industries for the benefit of their systems and, because of our experience, we regularly advise governments and industry groups on franchising legislation across Canada. Lawyers from some of Canada’s largest law firms regularly retain us to assist them with franchising matters affecting their clients.

Our core belief is that franchising works best when it works for both parties.  For franchisors, our approach is to promote system growth, expansion and positive relations with franchisees, all the while strategically advancing and protecting their business rights and interests. That is the approach our commercial lawyers take and it similarly frames the advice provided by our litigators, who are responsible for many of the precedent-setting decisions in franchising in Canada.


Our Franchise Experience