The legalization of cannabis in Canada has opened doors to new opportunities – and regulatory challenges. Trust Sotos to guide your way.

If you’re seeking success in this emerging industry, you need the guidance of legal counsel with expert insight into the opportunities and challenges presented by recreational and medical marijuana. You need Sotos.


As Canada’s leading franchise, distribution and licensing law firm, we have a clear vision of how the franchise and other distribution and licensing models can drive growth in the country’s rapidly evolving cannabis sector. We’re well equipped to provide advice on:

  • Distribution and licensing models for cannabis
  • Impact of cannabis legalization on other industries
    such as alcohol, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, tourism and hospitality
  • Applications for government licenses
  • Workplace policies to address the use and potential abuse of a legalized substance
  • Development and distribution of ancillary products
    and services

Cannabis Sector Team

Franchising Expertise

As franchise lawyers, we’re focused on helping entrepreneurs develop, grow, and protect their franchised business. We are Canada’s most experienced franchise law firm, with the country’s leading commercial practitioners and litigators.

Franchise law

  • Conversion of a successful business to a successful franchise model
  • Area development and master franchising
  • Tailored drafting of disclosure documents and franchise agreements
  • Franchise system mergers, sales and acquisitions
  • Expansion and finance strategies, including international expansion
  • “Canadianizing” of foreign disclosure documents
  • IP and Trademarks
  • Real estate transactions, including leases, purchases and sales
  • Effective commercial litigation, dispute mediation and resolution, and arbitration
  • Related employment law
  • Private wealth planning
  • Succession planning


Sotos is ready

If the franchise model is right for you, let our experts be your system designers. Sotos continues to monitor the regulatory environment for cannabis to provide advice on the best distribution models.