You’ve spent years growing your franchise system and today your brand is a household name. It’s time to advance to the exit stage. Do you sell part or all of your system to private equity investors, brand consolidators or other potential purchasers? Should you offer shares through a public offering, or will you and your franchise system do better with an internal succession plan?

Each of these options comes with a set of considerations and preparations to maximize the attractiveness of your business. At this stage, it’s important to work closely with legal advisors who understand franchising and have experience positioning franchisors for optimal exit.


If you’re at the exit stage in your franchised business, talk to our firm about:

  • Franchise renewal management
  • Conversion to corporate
  • Conversion to independent operator/sale of assets
  • Breach risk analysis
  • Settlement breach of contract
  • REIT/spin-off/ease back
  • Franchise consolidation strategy

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