A franchised business is considered mature when it counts 100 or more units in its system. If your franchise is at this stage, you may have also established an international presence or are considering an expansion beyond Canada’s borders.

Either way, as a mature franchisor you’re in an exciting period of continued growth. Like others at this stage, you’re likely looking to use the success of your system to grow at a more rapid rate and will need to spend more to achieve this rapid growth.


Our firm can help. With a long history of guiding franchised businesses from launch to maturity to exit, we can provide assistance in areas that are typically critical for mature franchisors. These include:

  • Franchise sales, billing and fees management
  • HR/labor management
  • Franchisee accounting, finance and payroll
  • Supplier approval and contracts
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Brand and operational compliance management
  • Food safety and recalls
  • Store operations and performance management
  • Technology and infrastructure

Sotos is here for you

From start to exit, you’ll find your best legal partners at Sotos. We draw on decades of franchise experience to help you make the right move at every stage of your business.