At the root of every franchise success story is the successful enterprise that started it all. The narratives are similar: a business that’s achieved a level of success based on a proven system is ready for the next stage of growth. Instead of pursuing that growth through a single business entity, the entrepreneur chooses to expand through franchising.

If your enterprise is at this stage of growth and you’re thinking of becoming a franchisor, congratulations. You’re about to embark on a different way of growing your business. In fact, as a franchisor you’ll be minding two businesses: your original brand and your franchise system.


We’re here to help you launch your franchise.
As experts in every stage of franchising, we can
guide you through:

  • Franchise strategy development
  • Operational and financial modelling
  • Valuation and analytics
  • Market analysis and strategy road map
  • Franchise agreement risk analysis
  • Franchisee prospecting strategy, due diligence and territory mapping
  • Site performance and analytics
  • Site selection
  • Franchisee financing strategy
  • Identification, valuation and conversion of independent operators
  • Re-franchising conversions from corporate
  • Development of legal documents, including a franchise disclosure document and franchise agreements
  • Geographical and marketing/sales expansion
  • Construction management
  • Supply chain development

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