The Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed Quiznos Canada Restaurant Corporation and GFS Canada Inc.’s application for leave to appeal in the ongoing class action lawsuit between Quiznos franchisees and their master franchisor. Previously, the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld a decision certifying the lawsuit to proceed as a class action. Quiznos and GFS sought to appeal this decision to the Supreme Court, but leave has now been dismissed with costs.

With Canada’s highest court affirming the class certification, the lawsuit will now move towards a full trial on its merits. The lawsuit alleges that Quiznos and GFS illegally conspired to enhance and fix the prices of supplies purchased by Quiznos franchisees for their businesses. The class is defined as “all persons, including firms and corporations, carrying on business in Canada under a ‘Quiznos’ Franchise Agreement at any time between May 12, 2006 and November 23, 2009.”

The Financial Post has written a brief note about the victory that can be read here.

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