The Ontario Court of Appeal released its decision today confirming the certification order of the Divisional Court. The Court of Appeal affirmed each point in favour of the Quiznos franchisees represented by Sotos LLP. Wrote Justice Armstrong in the decision:

I am also of the view that a class proceeding in this case will satisfy at least two of the objectives of the Class Proceedings Act of judicial economy and access to justice.  It seems to me that this case involving a dispute between a franchisor and several hundred franchisees is exactly the kind of case for a class proceeding.

As a result, the Quiznos franchisees will be allowed to proceed as a class in their lawsuit against Quiznos Canada and Gordon Food Services. The lawsuit alleges that the Canadian franchisor of the Quiznos chain and others have illegally conspired to enhance and fix the prices of supplies purchased by Quiznos franchisees for their businesses.

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